A little embarrassing

Do you live in a country with indigenous people? I live in Denmark, which have a small population of Greenlandic indigenous people, who have come to Denmark from Greenland. It is estimated that around 15.000 Greenlandic people live in Denmark.

In 1814 Denmark officially colonized Greenland after having been ruled by Denmark for several centuries.

The Greenlandic population in Denmark have always been a bit of a taboo, both due to the fact that some of the indigenous who end up Denmark have social problems, and due to the fact that “colonization” is not exactly a popular word or activity. Personally I don’t know any Greenlandic people who live in Denmark. I have only met “Greenlandics” in my one year in a Danish “efterskole” (a sort of boarding school, that you attend for one year after finishing primary school), and I never really made friends with any of them. The Danish and Greenlandic culture are very different, and even though we are ruled by the same parliament, we share very little. For that reason and because Greenland is supposed to be absolutely amazing and beautiful, I really want to visit Greenland. I think it is almost embarrassing that the Danes don’t know more about the country, its history, culture or the people who inhabit it. Despite all, some Greenlandic people feel Danish, but I doubt that many Danes feel Greenlandic.


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