Månedsarkiv: november 2014

New travel destination

I know the destination of my next travel. I probably sounds a bit strange. The reason for this is because I love travelling. It is like nothing else, I really love it. I travel as often as I can, but I have I have started to run out of travel destinations, because I travel as much as I do. The thing is, I just made friends with someone who is from Greenland, and she suggested that we go to Greenland next year and stay at her parents house. I am really excited to go, as I have heard so many great thing about the country, and I am always curious about new adventures. And how nice is it, that her parents is offering us to stay with them, for free? They are great, and I can’t wait to meet them. I am excited to travel to Greenland and experience their unique culture and nature. While we are there I would really enjoy hiking, seeing whales and going dog sledging. I am also excited for their cuisine, which I have heard is quite interesting, so I hope the family will serve some traditional Greenlandic food. They may think I am picky about food and not serve me something traditional from their country, but that would be a shame.