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Increase Operational Efficiency with a Fund Administration System

A fund administration system is developed to meet the changing client and operational demands of today’s service providers. Made to fit your current infrastructure, a fund administration system offers an integrated set of client-facing and operational tools that allow fund administrations of all sizes to address the mission critical requirements of their evolving client base. Here are some of ways by a fund administration system will increase your organization’s operational efficiency.

Improve client reporting. A fund administration system is a comprehensive data aggregation warehouse and reporting platform designed to consolidate information from numerous resources into a centralized firm-wide reporting tool. It allows firms to easily consolidate front-, middle-, and back-office information to a single reporting solution that allows you to easily manage and automate the whole reporting process.

Leverage industry-leading data providers.

Integrated with the foremost data providers, a fund administration system will allow you to easily manage multi-asset class security set-up, terms and conditions updates, corporate action processing and on-going security maintenance. Operationally, it allows you to automate and centralize the daily security set-up process and allows you to adapt to the changing requirements of your client base while reducing operational costs associated with the introduction of new securities, asset classes and strategies.

Streamline independent pricing and valuation functions. A fund administration system will let administrators centrally manage and audit pricing and valuation rules. It will let administrators aggregate numerous pricing sources and apply fund-level rules for striking fund-specific end of day marks.

Lower your on-going operating cost. For service providers that are looking to implement an industry leading accounting platform, use a fund administration system in a fully hosted deployment. It is the only hosted front to back office solution specifically designed to meet the demanding, real-time operational and decision-support requirements of today’s most complex service providers. Fund administrators are able to eliminate the cost of building in house technology and other support infrastructures.