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Investment Management Software: What is QuickBooks Used For?

A popular productivity tool, QuickBooks is designed to help you manage your financial information easily. This investment management software aids in bookkeeping, accounting and managing your income and expenses. QuickBooks can be accessed directly on your desktop or online, depending on the type of account you want.

The five types of this investment management software offer solutions for various kinds and sizes of business. For simple finances, the free version called QuickBooks Simple Start allows you to create custom invoices and track and manage expenses. QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks for Mac offer additional features.

Financial account organizer. This investment management software helps you organize accounts in one place. It lets you manage your bank and credit accounts as well. You can create charts or reports to track your money in each financial account.

Vendors and billers. QuickBooks helps you track scheduled bills or any payment made to vendors or billers. You can set up recurring payments if needed. This investment management software helps avoid delayed transactions or penalty for late payments.

Customer management. This investment management software offers customer management tools that helps store and track sales information for every customer.

Payroll management. The payroll management option of this investment management software helps in tracking payments to employees as well as filing taxes. You can set up customized payroll items and generate payroll reports.

Time tracker. This investment management software has an online timesheet that helps you maintain records of work done per hour. This project management tool can be integrated to your calendar and other financial tools, to track and synchronize projects accurately.

Preparation of tax information. Preparing end of the year income tax is another prominent feature of this investment management software. In preparing your tax information, you are given three choices: fill out tax forms by hand, export to your tax software, or give tax reports to your accountant.

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3 Fund Accounting Software for Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit fund accounting software enables you to keep track of your day-to-day operations, like your budgets, donations, staff and operating costs. This software also contains a reporting module, allowing you to quickly create accurate financial reports. You can then distribute and go over them with your board of directors, management and fund contributors. Using non-profit fund accounting software will help you be financially accountable to your stakeholders.

QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition

QuickBooks Premier Industry Edition will help you manage the daily tasks of your non-profit organization, like recording donations and paying bills. You can also create different reports disclosing your expenses, budgets and donations. Another task that this non-profit fund accounting software performs is generating form 990 statements. Form 990 is an annual form that should be filed with the IRS so your non-profit organization will remain tax exempt.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting

Sage MIP Fund Accounting will let you track and report on various funds across multiple budget periods. This non-profit fund accounting software allows you to quickly produce reports for our fund contributors and board of directors, and comes with an interface that allows you to customize the fund accounting software to your preference. You can create and store multiple financial report templates so you can use them in the future. Another task that you can perform is creating 990 worksheets, which will help you complete your annual federal 990 form.

Fund Suite Accounting Software

Fund Suite Accounting Software contains a suite of modules like a general ledger and payroll. General ledger gives you an overall snapshot of your non-profit organization. You can create different reports like balance sheets, income statements and cash flow. Payroll walks you through the steps in setting up your employees and how you will pay them, like salary, hourly or contract. This fund accounting software can also calculate your employee’s benefits and deductions. For tax purposes. This non-profit fund accounting software generates and prints W-2 forms.

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Developing Financial Risk Management Software

The primary goal of risk management is to eliminate or minimize a harmful or negative result. Financial risk management software can help your business properly operate by evaluating different factors. Financial risk management software usually identity and rate risk, like of default or failure. For example, a risk software might assess the assets, debts, credit history and credit score of the borrower to determine credit risk. Most businesses realize that they should develop their own software instead of buying packaged software from retailers to maximize effectiveness. By independently developing the financial risk management software, a business determines relevant criteria and designs the software according to its needs.

Financial risk management software vary based on company resources and needs. Your system can stem from software made available in retail stores. For instance, you can use Microsoft Excel to point out numerous factors and create worksheets that capture relevant data in a user friendly way. You can also come up with proprietary software through companies like IBM.com or SAS.com. One benefit of hiring an outside company is that you can include features, like web-based or remote access.

Financial risk management software are able to collect and consolidate a lot of information. With the use of a monitoring system, your business can quickly identify incomplete applications. For example, an initial form might ask for the business owner’s full legal name, the company’s principal place and business, and the state where the company is registered. Once the form has been inputted into a system, the financial risk management software is not able to detect discrepancies, like if the principal place of the business is misspelled, or if the business is not registered under the state secretary of state.

financial risk management software exist in various forms. An effective management system allows the decision makers to easily point out the advantages and disadvantages of extending credit or expanding location. If you want to conservatively lend money, your financial risk management software can analyze your current assets and liabilities, like evaluating equipment accounts receivable and cash deposits for business loans or property values for personal loans.